How To Open Rar Files With Password Without Software

Sometimes we have encountered situation when we need to open a RAR file or a Zip file which is password protected and we have absolutely no clue about the password. Maybe it is because we forgot about the password and what it is or we downloaded a file online which requires a password. Here are a few quick and simple ways to open these files without a specific password.

For those who do not know what RAR files are, they are compressed versions of larger files for ease of transit or storage. It could or could not be protected by passwords. You must have come across these kinds of files.

Open Rar Files With Password

How To Open Rar Files With Password Without Software

How to remove password?

There are a couple of ways to remove the password. I have mentioned the top few efficient methods which can e done in a simple yet without software.

Removing The Password Online

This is the most obvious yet simple method to remove the password from a RAR file. You have to convert your RAR file into a Zip file and in the process it automatically unlocks. It is simple yet efficient hack. The steps to do this are mentioned below:

  • First you have to go to an online zip converting website. If you do not have one in mind you could use this link
  • Go to document converter option
  • Browse for your RAR file
  • Click on the “Convert File” option
  • Wait for it to finish the conversion
  • Download the zip file and when you open it, there is no password.

Removing Password Through Notepad

Notepad is a common application that comes pre loaded on your PC you can use that to remove password in your RAR file. By using this method you need not download a new application or have software for this conversion.

  • Right click on your RAR file and click on open with option
  • Choose notepad to open it with
  • Now you have to search for the key word Ûtà and replace it with 5³tà’ and search for ’IžC0 and replace it with IžC0 respectively
  • Save the file and open it with winrar
  • Now the password protection is removed.

In Case Of Numeric Password

If you are somehow sure that your RAR file is protected with a numeric password then you can crack it through this simple method. It takes longer the time for lengthier passwords but it will certainly work. The steps to do this are mentioned below

  • First you have to download Rar Password Cracker.rar
  • Open the file after download
  • Enter the full name of your rar file along with extension. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes
  • Open the file properties of your rar file and copy paste the entire location onto the rar password cracker
  • After these information is typed press Enter
  • Wait for the password to be cracked. It will take longer if the password is longer
  • It will show password found
  • Copy this password and open your RARfile

Other methods could include using a zip password recovery application to crack the password. You could also use WinRAR Remover, which is another RAR password cracker. it is free to download and you can unlock your files easily. This app also provides with advanced options to remove passwords of any given file.

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These are very simple tricks to use. Most of the time RAR files are used to restrict unauthorized files and if it is not your computer or PC I recommend you do not misuse these tricks. However if it comes to need like if you forget your password or you downloaded such a file then enjoy these wonderful tricks.