How To Fix Audio Issues In Windows 10 PC

In spite of all the quality and features that Windows 10 provides you, you might find out that the PC is mute, that is no sound is coming out of your PC. Now, that is a huge problem. Whether you want to watch a movie, a show on Netflix on a bigger screen or attend some video lectures without subtitles, having problem with the sound of your PC isn’t worth it at all.

However, please do not get panic stricken or worried. We have a lot of solution for your problems. Hopefully, with these solutions (based on your problems, which you will eventually figure out),you will be able to get in peace and your trouble will be easily sorted out.

Fix Audio Issues In Windows

How To Fix Audio Issues In Windows 10 PC

So follow the steps intricately and find a solution to your problem. All the very best!

  1. Using the basic steps

    This means without going into the software and hardware details , you are trying to fix audio issues in Windows 10 PC

    1. Check the speakers of your PC and the connections of your headphones.
    2. See if there is a wrong connection between audio cable and the required jack. Often we tend to connect the cable to the wrong jack.
    3. It might also happen that your external speakers are at fault. In such a case, to detect such occurrence, check the external speakers with other devices than your pc.
    4. Increase the volume of your device to maximum.
    5. Increase the sound playing software’s audio to the maximum, if possible.
  2. Using The Device Manager

    1. One of the most common reasons for this audio issue could be your sound card. You must make sure that the sound card is upgraded and working with the upgraded drivers.
    2. Open the Start and then proceed to Device Manager.
    3. Check from the list of devices where sound card resides. You will see an option that says “Sound, video and game controllers”.
    4. Once you see the sound card, open and choose the Driver tab.
    5. Choose the Update Driver option

    Make absolutely sure that you have the proper internet connection and there is no server error. This would make the whole process go in vain. Now, hopefully you can sort out your audio problem with the help of the Device Manager.

    Also, if the driver isn’t updated properly, you can consult the PC manufacturer to find out the right update of the driver. That will be probably the best thing to do.

    In many cases, the updating does not start immediately. So, without panicking, search for Device Manager. Then go to sound card, uninstall. Then install again and hopefully, this time it should work.

  3. Using a Trouble shooter to fix the issue

    If none of the above mechanisms work, then you should use a trouble shooter to fix the audio issues of your Windows 10 PC

    1. You need to go to the Sound icon on your taskbar
    2. Next, choose Troubleshooter sound problems option
    3. You can also go to Start and choose Troubleshooting from a list of results.
    4. Next, select Troubleshoot Audio Playback.
    5. Type the administrator password or provide confirmation if asked to.
    6. Windows will try and fix any audio problems therefore.
  4. Setting a default playback device

    1. Often it might happen that you might face problem while connecting an USB port during sound transmission.
    2. In this case, Open Start and Enter Sound
    3. Choose the Playback tab and choose the default software that you want to set as default sound player.
    1. Update the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
    2. You can fix this issue by manual driver update
    3. From the Start Menu, go to Device Manager again.
    4. From the Device Manager, Open Sound, Video Games and Controller option
    5. Once you see IDT High Definition Audio CODEC, update your Driver Software.
    6. Choose Next
    7. Browse your computer for Device Drivers
    8. Pick a list of device from the device drivers
    9. Under the option Model, select High Definition Audio CODEC and click Yes.

Final Words

So, these are the few methods in which you can definitely solve your Windows 10 PC sound problems. Once you fix these problems, I am sure you can enjoy sound at a much better quality and to your ease.

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Windows 10 is one of the most wonderful operating system that helps you sort out issues with ease as you have seen from the above example. Most importantly, follow this step thoroughly. Figure out where the actual problem lies in your machine? Whether it is in the hardware software or some other external connections or the speakers are themselves damaged? According to these observations you should be taking appropriate actions as mentioned above.