Top 4 Mac Tracking Apps To Secure Computer

The Macintosh computers is nicknamed as Mac which is made by Apple since 1984. All Macs are installed with the Apple’s “Mac OS X” and are advantageous than the PCs. Mac tracking apps are plenty and they help to secure the computer and also helps to trace your Mac if it is lost or helps to erase the contents of your Mac. The top 4 Mac tracking apps are Under cover, Prey, Absolute LoJack and Hidden. Some other apps that is useful for tracking are the GadgetTrak, FrontDoorSoftware and EXO5.

Top 4 Mac Tracking Apps To Secure Computer

  1. Under Cover

    Under cover is designed by Orbicule as a unique theft recovery app which was developed to recover the stolen computers as there was a FBI report which stated that 97% of the stolen ones are not recovered. It also transmits the pictured of the thief and his surroundings which can help the owner to recover it. This is possible only if you have a built in or external camera in your Mac and can be done in just 8 minutes.

    The Orbicule undercover must be installed and uses less than 1% of the memory available. The Undercover cannot be uninstalled as that requires the Administrator password and is not available for Windows. It also tracks the current location with the IP addresses and send live screenshots and you have the feature of seeing whatever the robber types, though this app is costly and costs around $ 9 but is worth every penny.


  2. Prey

    Like the Undercover, prey is not limited to a single OS as it works in Windows, Linux, Android and also works in macOS. It is an anti-theft software which helps to locate your Mac and the thief. All you have to do is to tag your device as “Missing” in your control panel then a prey report is generated with states the geo-location and snaps are taken so that you identify the thief. You can retrieve your data by getting an email with a link and delete your data from the Mac. There is also an additional feature to create zones and a super loud alarm is present which screams loud and helps you not to miss your device. To access all the features you need to subscribe at 15 USD/month.


  3. Absolute Lojack

    Absolute Lojack is the only persistent security solution that helps to track and recover the stolen devices. Helps in protecting your personal information and tracks your device using the GPS/Wi-Fi and if needed you can lock your Mac. At a maximum of 60 days your stolen device will be recovered. The price of this app starts at USD 29/year and is the cheapest one till date. It also helps to regain your control over your device. The system requirements of Mac is for a Mac OS X 10.9 or higher and a good internet connection.

  4. Hidden

    Hidden Helps to locate each work made by the thief like the password tapings and other key usages. Location Tracking, secret screenshots, iSight Photos, key log, Remote lock and wipe and spoken message are some of the features of Hidden. Additionally there is a feature of SSH Tunnelling where the Hidden does the work of reversing the SSH Tunnel and lets you bypass firewalls and makes you access your Mac remotely.


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All the above stated Mac tracking apps are verified and works well and helps to track your devices and secures it. If there is 10 stolen ones, 9 out of them are recovered by using these apps.